A “Spa” menu?

Looking for an ideal “half-way house” to meet up for a day with a friend from Wales, a well-known spa in the West Country seemed like the ideal choice. Approximately equidistant from South Wales and Southampton, it seemed the perfect choice for two health-conscious lasses to spend a leisurely day and catch up with each others’ busy lives. I don’t often get to see my dear friend Suzi McIntyre, veterinary dentist extraordinaire and creator of possibly the best food supplement for pets ever to land on the planet (www.petplusvet.com), so, having agreed upon the rendezvous location, I excitedly began to peruse the spa packages available. After all, we may as well make a day of it!

Having experienced several spa packages at this fabulous location before, I trawled through the website to see if there were any new offerings. My attention was caught by the statement “Spa users can enjoy a menu designed for both the health-conscious and those who want a little indulgence”. Yippee! My thoughts were of abundant green juices for enzymes and easily digested and assimilated minerals, fresh crispy green salads with brightly coloured raw vegetables for antioxidants and phytonutrients, and maybe a smoothie for “indulgence”. After all, this is a spa day, designed to maximise not only relaxation but to also offer the opportunity to detoxify in indulgent surroundings.

Ummm… apparently not. On the “daytime menu”, from which we would have to make our choices, I was quite horrified to see that the offerings consisted of not only a total absence of any vegan options for a main course, but also a total absence of salads that contained no animal products. One of the starters even boasted the artery-clogging ingredients of “thinly sliced slow roast pork served with black pudding”. What, exactly, are they thinking of?

On my previous visit to this wonderful spa, there was, at least, listed on the daytime menu, a fresh fruit salad for dessert (followers of food combining will know that fruit should be eaten first, not as dessert), and a vegan salad choice as a main course. Sadly, no longer. The menu has been “upgraded” to the extent that animal protein features strongly (which, as anyone who has researched this issue will be able to tell you, fundamentally shortens and degrades your life), and the dessert menu consists of little but pasteurised cow dairy in its multitudinous disguises, or white refined sugar if you prefer to stimulate your adrenaline production by 400%, or maybe even both if you are really lucky!

So, well-known spa in the West Country, I absolutely adore your spa. I love your friendly, efficient, professional staff. I love your “menu” of spa packages. The last massage and treatment I had with you ranks up there with the best. But PLEASE upgrade your menu towards health rather than in the misguided direction of disease-inducing indulgence. Where are the freshly-squeezed, unpasteurised vegetable juices? Where are the healthy salad options that do not contain dead animal parts? Where are the enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants in your menu? I would be delighted to advise on this, if you would like help in creating a health-giving menu that your clients will love. Just a suggestion.

About Max Tuck

Hippocrates Health Educator. Long term living foods vegan. Athlete, lecturer, author of four books (with the 5th coming soon) and firm advocate of healthy living.
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