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Cautionary words on the impact of diabetes

As reported in BBC Health News Online on 25th April 2012, 80% of the money the NHS spends on treating diabetes is wasted. The horrifying 9.8 billion annual budget is largely being used in treating the complications associated with diabetes, … Continue reading

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Is frying the only option?

I was alerted by a friend today, via Facebook, that a somewhat alarming recommendation had been made by a registered dietitian. Having been reading in my favourite health magazine an article written by a dietitian, who was keen to explain … Continue reading

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Gut and Psychology Syndrome – my thoughts

Respected doctor and author Natasha Campbell-McBride was interviewed recently by Dr. Joseph Mercola. A Russian-trained neurologist, she has a practice in the UK in which she treats autism, ADD/ADHD, depression and Bipolar disorder with her nutritional protocol, which in some … Continue reading

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