Why I’m excited about speaking at The Best You Expo

Saturday 4th March is growing ever closer. When I committed not just to taking a speaking slot at The Best You Expo at London’s ExCel on 4th and 5th March 2017, but also to having my next published book ready to launch at the event, it seemed so far off. But now – well, let’s just say that I’m making my final preparations.

Initially, I had no idea what I was going to speak about. Would it be mostly excerpts my forthcoming book, The Fatigue Solution, which tells my story of going from medical write-off to mountains and marathons; rejecting exhaustion and rediscovering life? I thought about that theme, but decided against it. After all, even I can’t cram a near-on 200 page book into 45 minutes. No, this huge 2-day event in London, with well over 6,000 guests expected, demanded something more. Something all-encompassing. Something to sum up the title of the event itself – the best you.

What is it that makes us better versions of ourselves, and how do we achieve that? What, exactly, is the process – the roadmap that we need to follow to get there? And realistically, can we ever really get there (wherever “there” actually is)?

It got me thinking about what we might want out of life. To a question such as this, everyone’s answer will be different. However in my profession(s), and in my free time, I think a lot about peak performance. I strive for it in every aspect of my life. When I’m functioning at my highest level, I’m in the zone, in the flow of things and nothing is a struggle. I’m also at my happiest. So why not speak about that?

Why not look at every aspect of our lives (physical, mental, spiritual) and aim for peak performance in each? What would we have to do to achieve that? And what would be the benefits of doing so? Could it be that this approach would put us well on the way to being the best we can be, all the time?

As we upgrade our lives to becoming our best selves, the subjects of diet and exercise must obviously feature heavily. But it isn’t only about that; there’s much more, and every aspect is important, since we are only as strong as our weakest link. And that is what I have decided to talk about – upgrading everything.

The title of my presentation is Manifesting Peak Performance: eating, moving and thinking your way to maximum health, vitality and happiness. It sums up what I think, deep down, we are all looking for. I’m excited. I can’t wait to share this information with you. I’ll see you there!


About Max Tuck

Hippocrates Health Educator. Long term living foods vegan. Athlete, lecturer, author of four books (with the 5th coming soon) and firm advocate of healthy living.
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2 Responses to Why I’m excited about speaking at The Best You Expo

  1. Tracey Hazlett says:

    Hi my 29 year old daughter Alex was diagnosed on 4th may with scleroderma… It’s auto immune illness and is rare… They are sending for Alex to have chemotherapy… We read fasting can help the immune system and help side effects of chemotherapy.. and were interested in healthy eating… I found out about you from Karen shephard…… Thank you Tracey Hazlett

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