Let’s hear it for nut milks!

Have you seen the trends? Chiller cabinets in the supermarkets lined with milk alternatives, not just the ubiquitous (and not very good for you) soya milk, but also almond and coconut milks, plus the “new kids on the block” cashew, hazelnut and even turmeric chai latte milks (yes, I actually did find a raw turmeric chai latte milk, and in the name of research felt I needed to try it. It was very good, but at £2 for just 330ml it’s unlikely to become a regular habit since I can make my own). The dairy-free trend is spilling over to the cheese cabinets too, and supermarkets are even introducing their own coconut milk-based cheese alternative. Vegans have never had such choice.

Why the exponential increase in the availability of dairy alternatives? Clearly, word’s getting out that dairy products are not the health foods we had been led to believe, and that the industry itself is environmentally harmful and increasingly unsustainable. I have blogged, spoken and written copiously elsewhere that dairy products are non-essential to human health and significantly detrimental in certain areas (increasing the likelihood of everything from osteoporosis to prostatic cancer), so to avoid going over old ground, allow me here to direct you to further information from me on this subject:

The Whole Body Solution
Love Your Bones
The Real Truth About Food

The significant trends mentioned above have not gone unnoticed by the dairy industry, and in a veterinary journal published recently, one particular article outlined what the industry is doing about it. Hurray – we’ve got a new ministry for dairy! Its mission, it appears, it to show us the error of our ways and get us eating more dairy products and shunning the ever-increasing range of alternatives. After all, we are the only species on the planet that deliberately chooses to consume the mammary secretions of the wrong species, past weaning age, so now that we have a large industry behind this strange compulsion, why not throw some money at it to keep us consuming? A few spoof videos have been released from “The Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs” to encourage us to have cheese on toast, buttered crumpets in bed and creamy porridge after walking the dog. Its budget? 1.2 million per year.

According to the website www.tellitlikeitis.co.uk, which outlines “the vitally important story about dairy nutrition and health”, those involved in promoting an increase in dairy product consumption despite the known detriments this activity has on our health, can access ready-made tweets, videos and infographics to spread the word. In bold capitals, the site assures those who gain financially by promoting dairy product consumption: “Together we can tell the story of dairy nutrition. If we all pull together and get this right, it will stand the industry in good stead for generations to come.”

Personally, I have been dairy-free since the age of 15. No amount of propaganda from an industry in decline will convince me to take up the habit again – I already know too much. If I want a “milk” on my chia seed porridge, I make my own – it’s so much healthier. Let’s get rebellious. Let’s join together and raise a glass of nut milk to the dairy alternatives.

About Max Tuck

Hippocrates Health Educator. Long term living foods vegan. Athlete, lecturer, author of four books (with the 5th coming soon) and firm advocate of healthy living.
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