Summer’s most important nutrient?

Whether you consider it to be a nutrient or not, it’s almost as important as it gets, and is right up there with the most important nutrient of all – oxygen. What are we considering here? Yes, it’s water – and hydration generally. It’s very easy to become dehydrated when it’s hot, even if you’re not participating in heavy exercise. You can sweat just walking around! With this in mind, let’s think about how to stay hydrated all day, because it’s essential to do so for your general wellbeing.

Commit to drink plenty of water – fresh spring water if you can get it, but filtered at the very least. Carry a reusable BPA-free bottle around with you wherever you go.

Start your day by drinking a glass of water. If you add lemon juice to this, it is an even better way to hydrate and it can also help the liver to detoxify. Follow on with a big green juice for the absolute best start to the day. See this article (with video) about making green juice, and for my favourite juicer, click here. Quote RAWFOOD20 at checkout to get a fantastic 20% discount on this brilliant machine, giving you the best price available anywhere.

Think you’re hungry? Drink something! Many people mistake thirst for hunger. Drink a large glass of pure water if you feel hungry. Wait 20 minutes, and see if you’re still hungry. If so, by all means eat something. If not, you won’t need to eat, and this is better for creating that beach body.

If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Get water on board even if you don’t feel you need it. If you’re exercising in hot weather, think about changing the time of day you go. Early morning and later evening is better for both high intensity exercise and long duration exercise. Your muscles generate a lot of heat when you’re exercising, and if you combine this with high external temperatures it doesn’t take much to push you into the danger zone. Having recently run a very hard half marathon on the Great Wall of China in 30 degree temperatures, I can certainly vouch for the importance of good hydration (and being realistic about your performance level!). And whatever you do, don’t be tempted to “boost your performance” with sports drinks. See my separate blog on this important subject here.

Eat lots of high water content foods. By basing your diet on the raw organic leafy vegetables and sprouted foods, you’ll be getting a lot of “extra” water on board without even noticing. Cooking your food causes the water to evaporate off – and you won’t get the benefits.

Make your drinking water more exciting. Try adding organic lemon, lime, cucumber, watermelon, or mint. I was out with friends last night who were all drinking alcohol (in rather large quantities), so I ordered glass-bottled water and opted for the addition of fresh strawberries, mint and lemon. Served in a fancy glass, it looked and tasted delicious!

About Max Tuck

Hippocrates Health Educator. Long term living foods vegan. Athlete, lecturer, author of four books (with the 5th coming soon) and firm advocate of healthy living.
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