Out with the Old

Why is it that detoxing the body and decluttering your space always feels so good? Yes of course when you’re in the thick of it, surrounded by stuff and the unending boxes of things which, admit it, haven’t been opened since you moved house, it’s a bit overwhelming. Likewise if you haven’t done a physical detox for a while and you have the mother of all headaches. It might be painful, but the feeling of lightness and being completely refreshed afterwards is always worth the effort.

There’s a time and a place for clearing out, and you need to time it right for you. If you’re not in the mood to release and let go, you won’t be able to do a thorough job. It’s the same with the body – if for example you have a friend’s wedding or a party to attend, it’s not ideal to launch into a fast or a cleanse. When we accumulate things (or even bodyweight) around us it is often a protection mechanism; it makes us feel safe. From experience, it can be a lot more beneficial to move through life “fast and light”, although getting to that stage often requires a lot of preparation and hard work.

I had promised myself months ago that the next time I had a weekend off and it was raining (when does that ever happen?!) I would take advantage of it and clear out one of my spaces. The right moment arrived, and it was last Saturday. The previous week I had already let go of a very large box of rare vinyl albums and picture discs that I had collected during my student days. Some of them were available nowhere else, and the collector who bought them was absolutely delighted with his purchases, as was I to let them go somewhere that they would be fully appreciated. “Stuff” accumulates memories and emotional attachment. Just as an example, it wasn’t long before I found my father’s inline skates, and it brought back all the memories I had of skating along the seafront with him when I went to visit him on the Isle of Wight. Needless to say, clearout proceedings were brought to an abrupt halt with a massive flood of tears (Dad died in 2012; some emotions are still very raw).

It’s the same when you’re detoxing your body. You may experience a full-on emotional detox, and it can affect you much more than the purely physical symptoms. It wasn’t until I had made my last journey to the recycling centre that I realised I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so my body got a good one-day fast as well. How did I feel afterwards? Liberated and happy, after I got over the crying my eyes out part…

If you’re new to detoxing, or even clutter-clearing, the best advice I can give you is to start slowly. Please don’t embark on a 10-day juice fast if you’ve never done it before – your body will not thank you for it and you’ll be likely forced into giving up, or even worse, never trying again. Start small. Make a huge batch of green juice and drink it all day to balance your blood sugar. Drink plenty of water. If emotions come up, get outside in the fresh air to clear your head. For my top recommendations, have a look at my e-book Successful Fasting for Health and Vitality, or consider ordering the MP3 The Importance of Detoxification (the CDs have sold out).

Likewise, if you’re space-clearing, start small. Maybe just in one part of the wardrobe, or one kitchen cupboard. Or there’s always the sock drawer. And if you know of anyone who would like to give a good home to some men’s size 8 inline skates, you know where they are!

About Max Tuck

Hippocrates Health Educator. Long term living foods vegan. Athlete, lecturer, author of four books (with the 5th coming soon) and firm advocate of healthy living.
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