Hello, and welcome to my blog site! I’m Max Tuck, a long term living foods vegan, Hippocrates Health Educator, author, public speaker and degree-level scientist (Veterinary Medicine). I have been eating raw food since 1990 and have experienced first-hand the power of food as medicine. However, just “going by how I feel” is not good enough for me – as a trained scientist I have to know that what I do myself, and teach to others, has full scientific validity and is based on leading research. That is why I set up The Raw Food Scientist; you can now learn the facts about this way of eating, and how it might impact your health both positively and negatively, from an unbiased source. I hope you enjoy my posts, and encourage you to read my two books, “The Whole Body Solution”, and “Love Your Bones” (both available from Amazon) for further detailed information.

2 Responses to About

  1. Virpi Virolainen says:

    Hey Max Tuck

    I got your webpages from Susanna McIntyre, Wales.
    I want to meet you and interview you for our Documentary Film “Living with living foods”, which is telling about people healed with living foods/raw vegan foods and about persons/institutes working on the field. Our two womens` filmgroup leaves Finland to Europe already next Monday 10th February and will travel around with shootings 2-3 weeks. Could we meet during this timelimit ? Where do you live ?
    I`m myself with 100 % Living foods and on Hippocrates Life Transformation Program, because got a diagnosis of brestcancer about one year ago. I`m feeling great and have not taken any of the “normal” treatments, not even the surgery !

    With lots of Light and Love
    Virpi Virolainen, Finland tel +358408317733

  2. Connie says:


    Debbie posted something about you so I followed the link. Sounds interesting. I’d like to sign up for emails, please.


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