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Hippocrates Health Educator. Long term living foods vegan. Athlete, lecturer, author of four books (with the 5th coming soon) and firm advocate of healthy living.

Developing healthy habits

Don’t let a bad day become a lifestyle – James Clear Habits are the foundation of our lives. And building healthy habits is absolutely essential to win at this game that we call life. When I am working with clients … Continue reading

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Can a plant-based diet be of benefit in the fight against Covid-19?

Well of course it can, can’t it? It’s obvious… all those wonderful antioxidants from minimally-processed fruit and veg in the healthy vegan diet, powering up our immune systems and giving the body everything it needs to fight infection. But hold … Continue reading

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How do you do it?

I was asked this very question last week: “How do you do it?” In the context of keeping going with my healthy lifestyle when it’s dark, when I might have had a bad day, when I might be distracted elsewhere, … Continue reading

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From medical write-off to mountains and marathons – a healing journey and the joy of stubbornness

I admit it, I’m stubborn. Capricorn characteristics or otherwise, if anyone tells me I can’t do something, I will go out of my way to prove them wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. I was sitting in the doctor’s … Continue reading

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Genetic Mutations and Vitamin C

Humans are a slightly odd species. We continue to drink the milk of the wrong species of mammal past weaning age, many believe that we need to eat meat, fish or eggs every day, even though our teeth could hardly … Continue reading

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Top takeaways from The Real Truth About Health Conference

I love The Real Truth About Health Conference, this year, as per 2020, held online. It features top speakers and authors from the USA and Canada, whose mission is to present the most important and perhaps less well-known information to … Continue reading

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Nutritional Nerding – Part 2

In part 1, I focused on the macronutrients, and outlined what a difference they had made to me during a fitness competition. You can read Part 1 here if you missed it. So, following on, it’s micronutrient time. I am … Continue reading

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Nutritional Nerding – Part 1

As a description of someone, the term “nerd” may be viewed in a negative light. However, I see it differently, and if someone called me a nutritional nerd I would be delighted. I even call my wonderful webmaster “Supernerd”, which … Continue reading

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Health improvement in 2021

Feeling a little stuck with your goal setting for this year? Help is at hand! I always love to spend time at the beginning of each year to consider what I want to achieve in the coming 12 months, and … Continue reading

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Do you have time to be fit and healthy?

“Max is the busiest person I know…”. So stated one of my friends who wrote an endorsement for my first-published book The Whole Body Solution. I hear time and again people saying that they don’t have time to exercise, or … Continue reading

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