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Developing healthy habits

Don’t let a bad day become a lifestyle – James Clear Habits are the foundation of our lives. And building healthy habits is absolutely essential to win at this game that we call life. When I am working with clients … Continue reading

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Is a plant-based diet cancer protective?

Cancer rates are soaring worldwide. Cancer has now overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in Canada (1). The “War on Cancer”, commenced by the Nixon administration in 1971, has been a catastrophic failure. There are many hundreds … Continue reading

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Sprouting for Health And Vitality

Now that I have the amazing Urban Cultivator on trial (it arrived to much excitement on 11th December, and you can read more about it here), I thought it would be an opportune time to write about sprouting and indoor gardening. … Continue reading

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Eating raw whilst travelling

It’s a common problem, and a question that I am often asked – “How do you cope when you travel?” I am normally happy to answer this question by saying that I usually take an apartment or villa when I … Continue reading

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Consistency is the Key

Did anyone else notice that the gym car park was busier than normal last month? It’s no surprise – it was January, and all those who had made New Year’s resolutions were out in force. The gym itself also seemed … Continue reading

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