Top takeaways from The Real Truth About Health Conference

I love The Real Truth About Health Conference, this year, as per 2020, held online. It features top speakers and authors from the USA and Canada, whose mission is to present the most important and perhaps less well-known information to skyrocket human and planetary health, for free. In 2014 I attended the conference, held in New York, in person. The conference has grown significantly, and last week, thousands of people from around the world were joining in on Zoom.

It would be impossible to present here every single important point from even one presentation, let alone 10 days’ worth of information, but below follow some of my top takeaways from the lectures that I was able to attend.

Eating animals increases your risk of both cancer and heart disease. We have known this for years of course. It’s the cooked saturated fat in meat that is especially harmful to the cardiovascular system, and the animal protein that increases cancer risk. When you eat meat, you get animal protein and animal fat together – you can’t have one without the other. Heart disease may manifest itself before cancer, or vice versa, but given the overwhelming evidence from studying many thousands of people globally for over half a century, a whole foods, plant-based diet has never looked so appealing.

A diagonal crease in your earlobes is a strong predictor of a heart attack. Yes, according to a well-respected interventional cardiologist, if you have developed a diagonal crease in your earlobes, you have a 70% chance of having a heart attack within the next 5 years. On hearing this, I rushed to the mirror. What does it mean if I have a diagonal crease half way across one ear lobe and nothing in the other? I have been a living foods vegan for over 25 years, and I exercise every day. Does this mean I am still at risk? Think I might have to put myself through my arterial cleansing routine, which I wrote about in The Whole Body Solution, just as a precaution. And I thought it was just to do with the way I had been sleeping!

The most important way to boost your immune system has nothing to do with diet. As always, Brian Clement was telling it like it is, and I love him for it. The best and most widely-proven method of maintaining iron-clad immunity is to live with purpose and love what you do, every single day. The second most important aspect is to have close connectivity – and this doesn’t mean having lots of friends on Facebook! He’s talking about meaningful connections, a strong sense of community and mutual trust within your close circle. This has been challenging for the past year, to say the least. But it remains 100% true that the biggest killer of old people isn’t lack of exercise, poor diet or even smoking – it’s loneliness. As lockdown eases, it’s never been more important to get out there and connect with your close friends. Zoom calls and WhatsApp have their uses, but it’s not as important as physical touch, which was the third “non-food” method of heightening immunity on Brian’s list.

Over to David Wolfe. I first met David in 1998 when very few people in the UK had heard of him. Very well educated and widely-read, David brings his own unique perspective on food and longevity. I absolutely love his lectures. Last time I went to one of David’s presentations, about 5 years ago, he was extolling the virtues of charcoal. He still is. At that time, it was birch charcoal that he was bringing to out attention – now it is coconut charcoal. Studies in mammals (he didn’t state which species of mammal) have indicated that by taking charcoal, longevity is increased by 20%. Another food which has been shown to increase longevity is humans by 13% is extra virgin olive oil (first cold press, never cooked). Excited, I remembered that I had some birch charcoal in the cupboard that I had bought at that lecture a few years back. I took it, stirred into some water, last night before bed. My diet has been the same for years, and I never get gastrointestinal pain, so I was surprised to wake up at 5am this morning, writhing in agony with the most intense, stabbing upper abdominal pain that I have ever experienced. I thought that either I had suddenly developed gastric ulceration, or that my gall bladder was about to explode. Was it the charcoal? I have no idea, but I am pretty reluctant to try it again. Fortunately the intense pain only lasted a couple of hours, and now I am completely back to normal,

David is also a huge fan of technology in the world of our well-being, including electronic square wave zappers and biomats, to name a couple of things. So if you have any specific medical issues, these are things which may be of value for you to investigate further.

So there you have it – a few (I hope) useful takeaways from this year’s lectures. If you want to catch up with all the lectures on demand, you can get a trial subscription via this link. Happy listening, and go check your earlobes!

About Max Tuck

Hippocrates Health Educator. Long term living foods vegan. Athlete, lecturer, author of four books (with the 5th coming soon) and firm advocate of healthy living.
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